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Recent publications (Corresponding-authored or First-authored):
Nature Chemistry 2024; Cell Chemical Biology 2023; ​PNAS 2021;  Materials Today 2021;  Matter 2021;  Cell Stem Cell 2021;


Welcome to Yiwei Lab

We study the biophysics and mechanobiology of organoids and stem cells. We also developed powerful tools on both organ-level and single cell level to enrich our goal. We are situated in Wuhan optics valley, China, where we are proud to have created a creative, collaborative and open-minded Bioengineering Lab.

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News & Updates

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Check our new Analytical Chemistry paper!

Our new Analytical Chemistry paper developed a new platform to high-throughput obtain the phase diagram of a certain phase separating protein, which facilitates the study of the large increasing numbers of phase separating proteins!

Check our new Nature Chemistry paper!

Our new Nature Chemistry paper developed a new technology to high-throughput and proteome-widely discover endogenous phase separating proteins and biomolecular condensates. We found 522 newly discovered phase separation proteins, 1212 mechenoresponsive phase separation proteins, and many other signaling transduction phase separation proteins.

Check our new Cell Chemical Biology paper!

Our new Cell Chemical Biology paper discussed a new protein USP10, which regulate wnt/beta-catenin signaling in both mechanical and biochemical manners, generating impacts on embryo development, intestinal organoids and CRC diseases.

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