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Cell volume and molecular crowding

We are interested in exploring the regulatory role of cell volume and intracellular molecular crowding as a universal biophysical regulator in cells. First, we want to explore new technology to probe and control cell volume/molecular crowding; these technologies include in vivo force spectrum microscopy, combination of FRET-probe with sequencing technology, optogenetic approaches,  and microfluidics. We are interested in correlating the variations in cell volume/molecular crowding with functional gene expression, or cell functionalities, across different types of cells in one specific tissues. Then, these correlations will explained and investigated using both mathematical models and biophysical experiments on molecular level.

Signalosome in Wnt/β-catenin pathway

We are interested in mechanical behavior of Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway, among which we are particularly interested in the signalosome formation, which involves multi-clustered LRP6, FZ, DVL, and AXIN. We are also interested in the phase separation like behavior of AXIN in the absence of Wnt ligand. 

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System biology approach toward cellular phase separation

We are developing new technology to identify and screen phase separating proteins and mRNAs proteome-widely and transcriptome-widely

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